The EDITUA system is a software solution created to save time and give valuable management insights in financial reporting for the private equity industry. It makes it much easier and faster to monitor performance of holding companies based on automated management reports. EDITUA provides our clients with the ability to automatically consolidate financial data from its funds and individual holdings.

How does it work?

The provided solution consists of a reporting system in a cloud environment that is strongly secured and allows for automated data updates, simple data editing in Microsoft Excel and automated generation of output.

We understand the private equity business

Private equity controls a large part of the industrial landscape. 21,000 businesses are in hands of private equity in Europe, giving employment to 8 million employees. These businesses are owned and controlled by 1,400+ investment firms backed by private and highly professional institutional investors.

Although we are fundamentally an IT company, we have a strong focus on both financial knowledge and information technology; our IT engineers speak the same language as you do. From this unique perspective, it has come to our attention that most portfolio companies - small and large - are using outdated tooling to monitor their investments, by reading pdf based monthly management accounts distributed at irregular time intervals. Company tracking is time consuming and error prone manual work, whereby figures are retyped in Excel spreadsheets.

Due to the industry’s nature and the lack of alternatives, most fund managers are reluctant to trust industry outsiders due to the confidentiality of the information. Solutions available on the market focus on fund admin and lack the flexibility and insights of automated data analysis tools used in other industries.

Editua solves these issues by providing the following benefits:

  • Information security. We are proud of the fact that our organisation holds the ISO/IEC 27001, 9001 and 14001 certification, which supports our professional approach and execution.
  • Fast implementation. We guarantee we can implement the EDITUA portfolio management system within 3 till 4 weeks.
  • Affinity in the industry. Although we are an IT company, we are specialized in the financial sector; our IT engineers speak the same language.
  • Tailored to your working method. We are not consultants who will tell you what model or template to use. We respect your own models, and adjust the EDITUA system to be completely compatible with your current work flow.
  • Easy to master, easy to integrate. Although the system consists of a powerful back-end, the front-end for the user is as simple as an Excel plug-in. So there is no need to install new software packages, or to learn new methods.
  • Regulatory compliance. The system is designed for compliance to all official financial policies and regulations. The work flow architecture is built to automatically take the necessary steps to comply with relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, Editua provides the following features:
  • Benchmarking. With data from different stock exchanges and several industries, we are able to provide you with high-quality benchmarking tools to accompany your data.
  • Client integration. In order to give your clients the best possible insights into their funds, the Editua system can be linked to your clients. They can simply log into a secured webpage where they can automatically generate and download financial reports in pdf or Excel format.
  • CRM integration. Models and spreadsheets can easily be extended with new funds, holdings and other entities. In addition, it is also possible to add perspective holdings, and calculate their effect on the performance of a fund.



Gilde Private Equity (GEM) is one of the leading PE firms on the Dutch market. GEM had created its own reporting system based on a MS Access database. The lack of expansion options and the limitations of the existing database led them to migrate to the more flexible Editua platform.
The independent private equity firm Avedon Capital Partners ( considers clear, transparent, and detailed reporting as key to its investor relationships. The firm, with roots in the The Hague merchant bank NIBC, has reporting demands that exceed the standard business solutions and decided to order a bespoke reporting system based on the Editua platform.Avedon already had clear and firm views on their reporting wishes and had ready to use Excel templates available. The strength of the Editua platform is the flexibility with which the system adopts the structure and taxonomy of the existing reporting framework. Editua defines and creates its database based on the layout and structure of the existing reporting system. This approach ensures short implementation cycles and rapid deployment.The proprietary Editua Excel plugin allows for database connectivity for wherever Internet is available. Downloading the latest reports and templates, and uploading the most recent input warrants an up-to-date system and reports. The Avedon case demonstrates that the flexibility and freedom of Excel can be combined with the sturdiness and strength of an Internet database system.